Wanakafest 2010!!

Because it's the weekend and no building is taking place (and feel like I owe it to you readers of the 'On the Level' post, as I didn't fully complete it due to the festivities), here are a couple photos from Wanakafest yesterday.  We are heading up to Pleasant Point to visit family friend Ian Blakemore in an hour, so will update that post from there (because I know all of you are on the edge of your seats dying of anticipation!).  
This first photo is from the Urban Downhill race.  Pretty intense biking and a few wrecks going down this 100 yard set of stairs!!
Also occurring concurrently with Wanakafest, was a Perfect Woman Contest which was full of very unique and insane competitions.  This is a snippet from one of the challenges were competitors had to carry a 40 lb. goat carcass through a course of tires, stairs and straw bales.  Madness.
Well, enjoy the rest of the weekend and look back soon for footings and foundation works happening in the next few days.  Rock n' Roll!


  1. I'm dying to know what else makes the perfect Wanaka woman!?

  2. Another component of the perfect Wanaka woman was her expertise in targeting men on the ground and firing her paintball gun at them, from a circling helicopter! Wild . . . . .

  3. Hoping none of your "men" were involved:)

  4. Hello AltShifters,
    Regarding the Perfect Women Contest, I must say the most impressive event was when they were shooting paint balls from a helicopter at men on the ground...wow, my kind of woman!