Aoraki & other various deities.

Aoraki (aka Mt.Cook-elev.12316 ft.) from across the turquoise waters of Lake Pukaki

The past few days have been packed with road tripping (whence the above picture was taken), foundation work, and much needed sustenance (graciously provided by expert chef Matt Jennings)+ rest.  There has been insufficient time to log a substantial posting with project info and pics, and today-unfortunately- shares a similar story.  I did want to make you all aware of a few changes & updates to this site/blog.  

Firstly, after hearing from quite a few individuals who tried leaving comments on some of the posts and had difficulties doing so- we have looked into specific settings of the site and found a 'switch' which now allows ANYONE to leave a comment rather than the previous scenario which required a commenter to have a google account. Hopefully now everyone will comment to their heart's content and we can get some mini discussions/forums going on some of the bigger development posts.  Also if you would like to follow us 'silently' without being added to the followers , you can click on the RSS feed icon (looks like 3 broadcast waves projecting up & right) in your address bar so you can receive e-mails when we add new content to this page (as the main point of this site is in spreading info and good times and we'd love if you were along for the ride in some form or another).

Second: we now have an AltShiftNZ sideblog that has been put together by our scholarly cousin Benjamin Johnson.  This new sideblog is comprised of observations, musings, and other general brilliance that springs forth from the cultivated mind of BenJAMIN' Johnson. You can find a link to this sideblog on the right hand side of the site under the 'Associated Blogs and Tasty Links' area, which is directly under the third new addition to the site:

The AltShiftNZ blog search bar. It is located on the top of the right sidebar, and will allow visitors (like yourselves) to easily find posts that contain certain keywords or related subjects one might be interested in or looking for. 

Please know that we haven't forgotten about all you loyal readers, and that new pictures of the site will be up in approx. 20 hours right after the first foundation footing pour.  For entertainment, I will leave you with this art piece by New Zealand artist Dick Frizzell who has transformed Mickey Mouse's face into a Tiki of tu meke (a Maori expression for "too much/over the top/awesome").  In the words of the mouse himself: "See you real soon!".

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