Moon Safari!

Today (or there abouts) is a special day in that the solstice and full moon are occurring simultaneously, which will not take place again until the year 2094.  Get out there and enjoy it!!  Anyways, here is a song from Air's Moon Safari album to get you in the right mood for strolling under the lunar luminescence.  Enjoy!!


Radiance and Superinsulation.

Over the past week and a half a push has been made to get above ground and complete the footings and foundational slabs (that have radiant heating pipes in them).  On Friday we poured the final footing wall and are ready to begin framing of the walls, fabrication of windows, and start landscaping with earthbags!  Lots to look forward to over the next month.  Here are a few quick pics from Friday, but will direct you to read the slightly over the top detailed entry on our side-blog @ this link:


Well, until next time check out this speech by E.F. Schumacher on the Wholeness of Life!!  Legendary material.  PEACE!


This is a cross section of the slab that will be under the laundry room.  You can see the 100mm thick Goldfoam on the bottom and the hook ups for the washing machine. that will be enclosed in a wall.  To learn more about the radiant heat aspect please view the side blog via the first link above (aka not the Schumacher one) or on the links area on the far right hand side of the page.

 These are the shutters for the front footing.  Calipers where used to clamp to the existing C.M.U. wall and the top of the pour was slightly angled to the outside to prevent water from pooling or making it under the door somehow.  More soon!


The Big BURN!!

This is the serious woodburner that will provide us with our fire needs. Proudly manufactured in NZ, this is the Pyro Classic 'IV'. With an optimum burning ceramic firebox, this sweet thing has internal temperatures of 1500 - 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! Standing alone, it can heat a home up to 250 sq meters, cook a meal on the built-in cooktop, heat water with a 3.7kw wetback, dry clothes, and save on fuel. Hottie 'IV' comes in funky colors of the rainbow and if you tire of one color wavelength- you just can update the side panels to reflect your good mood. In times of natural disaster this baby will see you through the event on just 2 or 4 logs a day. Join us in applauding its very capable power and burn.


Tune Tuesday 6- John Lennon Shines On

In this week's post we pay homage to and salute the spirit of one of the most revolutionary figures not only in the musical world, but the world in general- John Lennon.  30 years after his untimely and muddled departure, the world is left wondering what change he might have served as catalyst for.  So in honor of John we'll share one of his songs which is very representative of his legacy, "Instant Karma".  In celebration of the continuing reverberations of John's energy and life, we have included "Two Fine Lovers" by his son Sean Lennon.  Please take a minute to appreciate and reflect on John Lennon, his passion for peace, and his effect on the world. Shine on.