Transport Mode sans d'essence

The bicycle is an amazing machine, which makes the work of mobilizing about town so efficient and enjoyable. In terms of physics, work is the transfer of energy, measured as the product of the force applied to a body and the distance moved by that body in the direction of the force. I'm just saying...how great it is to not stop by the B(eat)P(etrol) station, while getting to where I want to go. When the bicycle is your only mode of transportation, one develops a new sensibility in your daily activities, to the point of deciding what you pick up at the grocery store, to experiencing the sites and sounds of your commute to work. I feel like I am a 12 year old again, cruising down the shortcut to the beach with my only worry having to do with the pressure in my tires, not in my life. I could get used to this.

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  1. Anonymous11/02/2010

    TJ....I so envy you! Wish I was there to experience it all 1st-hand. Be safe my friends, and Godspeed! Peace/Love, Lester