Surface of the earth undergoing man-imposed changes!

At the site,we are the sum of all of our parts; parts that are guided by positive thinking, gratefulness and solid direction from Brendon Holloway. His building/designing talents and wisdom - move the energy at 97 Kings. Matt shot these pics yesterday of steel rebar cages being made for the footings and the start of a foundation for a timber beam.

Paula was able to visit from Queenstown, give us her 'thumbs-up,' and share more innovative visions.

Many of us are behind the scene(s) gods and goddesses. The food delivery team (acting like burros) packs the food & beverage back to the kitchen.  Frequenting Soul Food, Mediterranean Market, and other shops daily, has given us the opportunity to meet kind clerks, who have recommended homemade ice creams (Hawea Honey is fantastic!) and good NZ vodkas & wines.

Today, we had off!! Matt even made our homemade stew 2 days ago, so we are now ready to bring in Halloween relaxed, sun-baked and smiling.

Two places we have come to respect are Wastebusters and the Salvation Army. Both recycle centers have provided creative extras in our immediate world. An interesting purchase has been the ancient Asian game of 'Go.' Several hours of diligent thought have already been invested, however, this game is more difficult than chess!

The library has given us all a boost. Ian's organic farm soothed our souls on Labor Day. Looking forward to the Melbourne Cup - hoping to deck ourselves out in our best raceday finery!

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