Abundance and Gratitude

We have had a great start to the construction process! Brendon Holloway, our main contractor who is running the build, is a Godsend, along with his right hand man Napz, we have formed a great symbiotic team. Thanks and praise also to Paula Hugens from GREENBeing, our "eco-engineer" for her enlightened approach to sustainable building, as well as Glenn Allen from Elite Design who is doing the technical draughting and Sven and Sarah with Sol Design who are advising on the straw bale and other green aspects of the project.
Perhaps the most satisfying part is working on the site, side by side with my two sons, three nephews and some of the boy's university friends who have come to NZ to join in our quest. Special thanks to Trent Laughton, a recent graduate from the CalPoly architecture program, who has helped us go from our initial design concepts, through the many developmental steps to where we are now. Also, to my nephew JJ, who goes at it 110% with his many talents and dedication to sustainability; he simply rocks! At the end of each day we drag home to a dinner fit for patrons at a Four Seasons Resort, prepared by my CIA trained nephew Mathieson...we are not worthy! Then there is my nephew Ben, who entertains us all with his literary wisdom and musings.
I never thought I would enjoy shoveling in the earth, schlepping forms and tying rebar so much...very therapeutic and truly a bonding experience, galvanized by the intense New Zealand Spring sunshine. More soon.


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  1. Thank you for all your inspiration and guidance.
    It is truly appreciated!