Solid Base In Place

Banging out a very productive last 3 days, we were able to pour the footings a day ahead of schedule today.  The footings poured today are for the master bedroom/study. Lots of precise measurements, leveling of form work, and double checking.  Here are some of shots of the action, as well as some Before & Afters (B&A's).

 The following photo is a nearly full view of the trenches before the pour today. The far 'island' is the bathroom which will be separated by a rammed earth wall (better detail on that section farther down).
Detail of the serious steel cage in the footing for beneath the rammed earth wall mentioned above.

Here is an example of the pump action spewing concrete into the trenches:

And here 2 B&A's:

And a westerly view from the first day of excavation to the latest:

Well that is all for tonight, but two quick tidbits/headsup for y'all.  First, if you would like to get to read about the members of the AltShift crew, Ben has conducted a mini interview with each member and posted the results on the AltShift sideblog (linked on the right of the page)-quite entertaining.  Also wanted to let you curious & insatiable readers know that there will be a new weekly blog starting on Sundays (U.S. Saturdays/early Sunday mornings) in which we will write an in-depth, and much more detailed account of the week's construction/build elements complete with explanations and insight.  Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!!


  1. I keep the following quote nearby...
    "Practice present-moment awareness.
    The meaning you yearn for lives in the ever-present now."
    It sounds like you are enjoying every moment!

  2. Anonymous12/07/2010

    Do hard hats exist in NZ?