On the Level!

After tons and tons of earth moving, excavation is complete!  Big visual change in the site gives us a dream like sense that it's all happening.  Here are some more before & after photos along with a few detail shots.  Because Wankafest is happening right now, I will come back and add more info on the various shots and in general later- but the Urban Downhill mountain bike race starts in 10 minutes - gotta run! More soon, and if you're lucky a tune (if I can figure it out)!

Now from across the street:
Looking to the North:
And the massive (4 shot!) sequence from the elevated perspective:


  1. Trust you are not going to be moving that clothesline. Part of your energy plan, I'm sure. Brings back memories.

  2. So very cool to be a part of this dig from so far away! Psyched to follow along and congrats to all! Peace/Love, from Utah aka Lester