Great Links and Fun Visuals!

On the menu today we have quite a few links for those interested in Earth Plaster info as well as a few visual delicacies.  first up are a couple of posts / articles from a great publication that you may be familiar with called 'The Last Straw'.

The first article from their end is a very easily digestible dialogue about why earth plasters are so great and approachable - please click here to be transported there (or right click and choose to open link in New Tab)

The second piece from the fine folk at The Last Straw discusses finishes and ingredients- please click here.

Back in April of last year a few of the AltShiftNZ teamsters went out to visit a awesome house in Hawea Flat to begin training up and gaining experience in the realm of Earth Plastering.  The owners (Nicky & James) have their own blog which is definitely worth a gander please check it out here.

Finally, we have a link to a New Zealand outfit (Solid Earth) that is trailblazing in the application of earthen plaster finishes via spray gun along with many other types of adobe and earthen building processes.  This site has a lot of depth and information to it so make sure to explore and check out the many facets.  The link will take you to a brief historical synopsis of Earthen building techniques, but as mentioned get click happy on the top navigation tabs and cruise around for a while. Check it all out here.

And now to a few entertaining visuals just for fun, and relative in a very convoluted and abstract way!

This is an incredible example of designed shelter.  The main difference here is that this lucky scalawag had it designed and crafted for him free of charge.

Just like in battle, music is crucial for high morale on a build site.

We are all just after a comfortable place where we can all just lay down and read a book.

A good mantel piece motto for every home.

Solar Power Tower - shining a light on alternative energy- or a couple hundred!  (cheese ball line of the year)

Building materials, tools, and craftsmen are all just stardust in a complexly processed and evolved form, so this picture relates to just about everything.

A humorous combination of two must-haves in every home. Just kidding - tea is for sissies!

 When working with sandcastles, the only part of the build you need to budget for is time (and possibly a few cheap tools if you're getting gnarly).  Could this be true for home construction?

Hope this entry brought a bit of illumination and visual stimulation.  Keep tuned for more.


  1. Anonymous1/21/2012

    so appreciate for the blog being so alive again. Excellent information, references and collaborative opportunities. The inspirational visuals and music is such a bonus, keep on rockin' it altshiftas!
    all the best vibrations from one spec of stardust

  2. Anonymous1/21/2012

    WOW! What a delightful blog entry filled with the pleasure of seeing the connections between our beautiful earth, its people (past and present) and the intellect & imagination of creative artists. It was fun to read other blogs, follow links and sense the network of good rhythms from around the planet. Returning to nature, health and escaping the insalubrious city is our destiny.