Post Carbon Institute & Visual Candy

No matter what your personal beliefs are on 2012, the end of the world, or the possibility of Dick Cheney becoming dictator/evil emperor of the world after his invincibility surgery - one thing is for certain: carbon based energy will be taking its leave from the world energy scene within the century.  On what scale of time and proportion this depletion occurs is debatable, but come the year 2100, the chances of seeing SUV's rolling around on gasoline is highly unlikely.  If you haven't heard of the Post Carbon Institute it is high time you got acquainted (click the link), it's a near guarantee you will become good friends.  Aside from publishing thought-provoking and educational articles, they also have recently put together a well done 30 min segment on the benefits, consequences and general relationship between man & oil.  Please check out the link here to visit the page on the Post Carbon Institute's website (they provide information on presenting it to your local community if you're feeling especially pro-active), or just check it out right here @ the bottom of this post. 

Now for a couple sweets for your eyes.  At the top of this entry is a photo by Jan Kempenaers.  Over the past few years he traveled throughout former Yugoslavia and photographed old abandoned war memorials.  To view more click on the photo at the top for a link to a site.

Next treat comes from Dutch artist by the name of Ron van der Ende.  He salvages wood pieces from scrapyards and dumpsters and after working them and painting them, pieces them together to create amazing bas reliefs.  Here is a piece of meat he created out of wood that is nearly 6ft. long! click on the image to be taken to his site.

And finally is another appropriation art project that was spotlighted by Juxtapoz magazine.  Entitled "The Boneyard Project", a handful of painters and graffiti artists went down to Pima Air Force Museum & Depository in Tuscon, Arizona and some how managed to gain permission to paint a few old fuselages- pretty rad stuff.  Once again, click on the image to be taken to the article by Juxtapoz magazine to see more.

Well, thas about it for now, but be sure to go to the postcarboninstitute.org site and take a nose around, and set aside a half hour to watch the video they produced below.  Keep on rocking in the free world.


  1. The PCI piece is amazing!-The time line puts so much in perspective. Well worth passing along to anyone or group who wants to really get it.

  2. Nancy! Glad to hear that you watched "YOU ARE HERE: The Oil Journey" and found some beneficial viewpoints and information- you are very welcome. Thank YOU for taking the time and caring so much- the world is in dire need of conscious individuals like yourself!

  3. Right back at ya--Each of us has a sphere of influence that we touch--who knows what sparks set off the fire...You guys do a great job.

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