Plaster Blaster.

Just wanted to post a few recent pics of the application of the plaster.   First is an image of a change in level from the primary body coat and the second body coat. 

 In our rendering of the earthen plasters, we have applied three coats so far: a very clay rich and sloppy 'scratch coat' directly on to the bales (about 5-8 mm/ quarter inch thick), then a primary body coat (10 mm/ half inch thick), and the final body coat (20-25mm/ 1 inch thick)  There is still one more coat of Lime plaster to waterproof the walls, but this will not occur for another 6 months or so that the wall may settle completely with the new plaster. 

After applying the final body coat to the East side of the home, we were hit with some very hot and dry weather.  The solar exposure the recently plastered East wall took in the morning was quite large and a few small cracks started to emerge due to a accelerated dry time.  To prevent the wall from drying to quickly we hung tarps up from the roof and sprayed the wall down on two occasions. 

And finally we have a photo of the front of the house just to show its roof lines and front (north) face.


Thanks for stopping by and please do let us know if you have any questions of any type regarding this project- it's all about spreading the experience and knowledge!  Seeya real soon,



  1. So glad to see your back...Love the tunes.Can I ask what the total thickness of the walls will be?

    1. NANCY! We appreciate your sentiments and question. The total thickness of the wall will be right around 500 mm/ 20 inches. breaks down with the interior plaster being around 40 mm (~>2"), the bale itself ranging from 350-400mm (~14-16") wide, and the exterior plaster around 50 mm (~2"). Thanks again and shoot away with any other queries you may have.

  2. Sweet! nice work boys. Enjoy the building keep up the awesome work. discofunk

  3. DUG-GHEE!! Super good to hear from you. We definitely miss having the Doug-ocity on site. Hope all is well in Tasmania and make sure to check out your cameos in the hill time lapse on top of the rammed earth and with the hose- hilarious stuff! Well watch out for those Tasmanian devils (although maybe they should watch out for you) and keep rockin. Much love from the AltShiftNZ team.