Working in silence is just about as torturous as working in a water reclamation plant with out nose-plugs- it's crucial to be rocking out and vibe-ing on some quality jams to work to one's fullest potential.  SO, today (as you may have realized from the post title if you're sharp) we have two hi-grade rump-shake inducing tunes that you should enjoy not only during work hours, but early hours on weekends as well.  First is a awesome Meters song all the way back from the late 60's re worked by DJ Yamin.  Secondly we have another rework of a track entitled "Never Too Much" by Forecast .  Both tracks are downloadable, but be sure to at least send some love to the producers via thought power or go and say thank you on their Soundcloud page


The Meters-Hand Clapping Song (DJ Yamin Remix) by DJ Yamin

Forecast - Never Too Much (Shield Your Eyes Re-edit) [WARPed] by shieldyoureyesmusic

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