One of our favorite features of this website (besides the vastly more important discussion of alternative building techniques and procedures) is sharing fun tunes with y'all to tap your toes to and get pumped on.  Because there hasn't been a 'Tune Tuesday' post for a long time, we are going to unleash a small herd of ear drum seeking beats and tunes on you to get your week grooving.  First up we got a slight rework of a classic disco track from The Dells called "Get on Down"- so follow their lead and won't you please just Get On Down?

Next up is another hit from 1974 by Rufus (featuring Chaka khan)-"Once You Get Started":

Then we have a great rework of a gem of a hip hop song called "Don't Sweat the Technique", a very representative and symbolic anthem of the natural build process ;-]

We will wrap it up with one last song by a new disco producer by the moniker of Cherokee. The song is called "Mambo Jet" and gud laawd is it a tayshtay jam- if you don't enjoy it you may want to schedule an appointment with an Otolaryngologist.

Most the songs from Soundcloud are downloadable, but if you would like a copy of any of them for your home listening pleasure, please drop us an e-mail at: altshiftnz@gmail.com or enter a comment.  Enjoy, and thanks for tuning in to another Tune Tuesday!! Mo soon,

AltShiftNZ Team

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