Ascension & Bales

Those of you who have fabricated a set of stairs, know that is not a walk in the park.  Surveying elevations of each step to the millimeter, this flight of stairs is exact and has a quality rhythm to them.  In the pictures below one can see the stack of untreated recycled Jarrah (Eucalyptus!) railroad ties (sleepers).  With a bit of finagling, and much deliberation, the hardwood sleepers where finally put to bed yesterday and here is what the transformation looked like:


As seen above the steps are overhanging and seemingly not lined up, but the next superadobe/earthbag walls will envelope the ends of the sleepers to integrate the steps into the landscaping.  

In even more exciting news, the first shipment of straw bale arrived on site today and have taken up temporary residence in the master bedroom until tomorrow's first wall placing under the guidance of straw bale and alternative construction guru, Sven Johnston from Sol Design. 

To prep the base plates to receive the bales, the Alt Shift crew had a hammering marathon and nailed in approximately 300 nails in order to create a mechanical/key connection so that the straw will 'velcro' to the sills.  Here is a shot down the line:

 Well, get excited for some serious straw bale action coming in the near future and keep smiling!

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