Working Man

Yes! the tunes were on at 97 Kings and "Working Man" was sending out strong, lyrical messages; wondering if the song, might be 'the hit' of a future Tune Tuesday.
So check it out . . . windows are in the clerestories, bale pile is smaller as straw finds its resting place and sunshine bathes the site on a windy Friday. Tom, designer and project manager, discusses final thoughts with the roofer and is pleased with the end products of a good week- much thanks to friends and dedicated workers, who have become family!

Fine young men on the east side, are putting some finishing touches on the straw bale wall. Doug Meyer is holding a handmade hammer called Thor and is standing beside what has been affectionately called the 'Bethlehem manger crib.' It was made by Doug, to create the width of the perfect bale, which sped up the measuring/cutting process. The boys are applying a wet straw clay slip to better prepare the straw bale for its finishing plaster. Their hands and clothes speak of endless hours in muddy pleasure.
Take time to study this unbelievable craftsman and human being: Simon! He is the TALENT! behind our joinery shop and the best looking windows of the southern hemisphere. Simon is very skilled and humble; he tells the best stories and produces wood work that unveils the nature of the material. One of the favorites on the project, he has been a major player as master and teacher.

The last two photos might give the viewer a 'surround' feeling. The top print exhibits the south side of the home, which will profit from the insulating qualities of the straw bale. The picture above is a shot of the master suite's interior and shows how the sunlight will filter in and warm the rammed earth wall.
As the final bell rang on TGIF, all were ecstatic. There is an incredible synergy on this site and we are appreciative of this good fortune. It is a blessing to work along side of great people and to stand on the shoulders of giants. Thinking of how we all carry a load and offer helping hands, this spirit is truly felt.