Beginnings of Serious Straw Bale

. . . . the 16th of March, the eve of St. Patty's Day, was a very memorable, laborious day at 97 Kings Drive. The energy was high and friend/family united in dream, imagination and creation. Sven Johnston of Sol Design was the straw bale master. With measuring tape on pocket, he instructed with respect and kindness on the process of measuring and restructuring bales, so that they fit perfectly into the buck and beam system. In the image above you can see a beautiful bale needle (a wedding present of Sven's) poking out at a sixty degree angle - its handle pointing to Trent Laughton- design builder extraordinaire!

Our beautiful straw, a rye/corn hybrid wheat, was everywhere. Jared (image below- center) was the king of straw bale cuts with the trustworthy chain-saw. Treble Cone, the central peak in photo, is some of the base artwork of our new T-shirts that will be off the press and on our backs by Friday. In fact, Loren and Roarke, the other fine men pictured below, are responsible for putting together the shirt design.
Hopefully, the earth will have a small, sweet dream tonight, as it reflects on synergies that it has with its people. The remainder of us- let us dream for miraculous, successful endings to a very difficult situation in Japan. There is no better action than for us to unite with the energy of nature, so that the perils of our global family are diminished and safety is restored to their lives.

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  1. Great to see it get to this point. Also the sentiments for Japan and the fact that we as a global communuty can find real answers very much appreciated. Your showing the way...