Full Moon Party at Kings

The full moon was illuminating our spirits on the 20th of March and giving some of the AltShiftNZ group a good reason to celebrate. Standing tall from left to right we find Tom and Travis Jennings, the lovely Laughtons (Trent and Diane), Jared Fone - chugging apple cider vinegar, Loren Polster and Dozzie. Up close and personal are the charming Doug Meyer, Bronie, Teddy, Diana and Roarke Jennings. The event was also a temporary-farewell to Loren, who was a straw bale and earth bag enthusiast, soon to be a resident of Dunedin, NZ.
As the evening unfolded, the lunar display became quite magical and its visionary quality set the tone for the very first party at 97 Kings. This March equinox celebration marked the ongoing learning curve of the EcoBuild and we toasted to the 5 months and 10 days of creativity since the ground breaking ceremony of 10/10/10.
This final photo is one of sweet athleticism and inner calmness. Jared Fone, pictured above, hangs upside down in the suite on the east side of the home. Looking like a bat, Jared certainly displayed his nocturnal characteristics at the evening event.

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