Eco-Home Evolution in Fast Forward

Today is a special and long awaited day in the life of this website and the AltShift movement, as we are able to share the first time lapse videos from the construction process of the first AltShiftNZ eco home. Watching the progression of 8 months worth of labor elapse within a few minutes allows one to gain a perspective on the scale of the build that has previously been unattainable with solitary photographs. It also gives the deceptive impression that the process was simple and swift! Assembling and registering the hundreds of images (shot on a near daily frequency) from various orientations around the AltShiftNZ eco-home site has been a time intensive process, but we are fired up to present all you readers with the front/northern aspect of the time lapse sequences.

Taken from the roof of Holloway Construction's shipping container (that serves as an on-site tactical briefing room and tool shed), the point of view of the videos below looks south, capturing the north facing side of the home. Below there are three different speeds to view the evolution of the home: 1st up is the mid-speed in which each still (out of the 103 total) appears for 1 second, followed by the fast-speed at .2 second per frame exposure, and the slow-speed (for those of you who want to study each step) at 2 seconds per shot.
As always we would love to hear from you in some form or another, so please feel free to ask questions, or if you're feeling extra kind- comments are especially gratifying!! Thanks for reading / watching, and look to hear and see more from us in the near future with new time lapse spectacles from different view points around the lot. Until next time,
The AltShiftNZ Team


  1. Anonymous6/27/2011

    SO AWESOME! Stoked to see it all together! Miss you guys. Wanaka air waves are not the same without master spinna' DJ DEBAUCHEE.

  2. Anonymous7/01/2011

    Wow, that is such a cool thing to look at,what an amazing house in an amazing town. Can't wait to get in and do the finish.

    Your devoted nail knocker

    Jonny G

  3. Anonymous12/06/2011

    So excited to see workers on the site again! Enjoy the beautiful Spring/Summer weather. Can't wait to see "crops" growing on the living roof.
    Good luck AltShifters.

  4. Hello !

    how ever do i get ahold of you guys ?