Is anyone there?

Heh-loooo!??  Anybody?! As an avid reader, you may have began to think that the AltShift NZ sites were recently abandoned; but there are still a few stragglers around, sculpting some Superadobe walls for retaining during the fast approaching winter months.  That group of committed individuals consists of the earth alchemist Jared Fone, the intense Douglas Meyers, the steadfast Trent Laughton, & the ever indecisive Travis Jennings.  Each has shown great problem solving skills over the past week, and the stabilization of landscape is almost complete due to advancements in mixing and earth-bagging technique and process streamlining.  
Until they are completely done and have more free time (and consistent internet accessibility), we will have to keep this update a bit on the short side, but rest assured you will be seeing some BIG things on this site in the week to come (+ a new AltShiftNZ website designed by the acclaimed designer Loren Polster!).   Here are a few pictures from the past week and a half to hold you over, but with work soon to be completed there will be no excuse not to spend a lot of time creating new posts for you all.  Here are some are some visual morsels for the time.

Starting Looking East(ish) from Kings Drive this is the view of the evolving entry and landscaping of the street side of the property (2 more levels of Earthbag walls to come on the left and right)

The foundational/base courses for the Superadobe/Earthbag walls and steps to the front door.

This is the glorious North facing, solar gaining, green roof chilling (you can see Trent working on a window up there) section.   

A preview of a rammed earth floor/radiant heating post coming soon to a screen near you

Above is the view to the West/NW, the snow-capped Black Peak perchs on the roof of the 'belvedere'.

Jared creating caves in the earth pile while mixing the ingredients (1 part water, 10 parts Cardrona clay-rich earth, 1 part cement) for the contents of the Superadobe bag fill.

The earth-bagging sprites emerge from their earthen home for breakfast and another day of Superadobe wall construction.

BONUS: A sculpture from a NZ artist showcased at the local Rippon vineyard

That is all for now!  Enjoy the last week of May and talk to you soon!


  1. Roarke5/24/2011

    Keep on fighting comrades!! It's looking incredible.

  2. Well, Glad to see we all made IT past Saturday;)Sure if we all just DO something all will be just fine,and boy are you guys 'Doin it' Looks Great! Particularly the north side and the walk.

  3. Anonymous6/02/2011

    It's getting quiet as the cold short days develop, but we will persist on interior details until we ramp up again in the early spring. Another late season "thanks" to Travis, Trent, Doug and Jared for holding down the fort, including their Cardrona clay barracks :/ The home looks great and securely dried-in; even the retaining walls are already stabilizing the landscape. Looking forward to the final two plaster coats going on the straw bale walls after winter tests the first two coats. Can't wait for this adventure to get back up to full pace. Also, thanks to everyone that is supporting our best intentions for the future of EcoHomes.