With the leaves tinging red and cold-fronts becoming more frequent, the advance of Fall is bearing down on the Southern Alps of New Zealand.  To prepare for the oncoming winter there has been a stint of plaster work occurring at 97 Kings Drive, most noticeably on the SuperAdobe/Earthbag walls out front.  We are very pleased to present you with some shots of the more finished look that the Earthbag walls will have once it is all said and done (especially for the neighbor's sake!).  In order to make the plaster a bit more weather tough, hydrated lime has been added to the earthen plaster mix for the SuperAdobe walls (around 20% of the mix).  Applied over the course of two days, the plaster is 4-5 inches thick (100-125mm) and is a bit of an experiment to see how the mix performs through the winter months.  With the masterful float technique applied by Greg Tump, this wall section is showing some great promise in the aesthetic department.  Check out the process below and throw any questions comments or ideas or way PLEASE!!  PEACE!



  1. Anonymous3/18/2012

    The rhythm of the undulating wall of plastered-earth-bags looks pretty Gaudi-esque! What a great job and how wonderful that it is local earth from the valley. Overall, this super adobe aspect is so simple and elegant.

  2. A peaceful way to draw you in, very nice flow and great front door appeal. What are the plants in pic # 3 and will these planters be filed with local flora? The wall looks great too...Nice Job :D

  3. Heyylooo?!? Can you add a pigment to the final coat?

  4. Anonymous1/01/2017

    Kia ora rā

    I am interested in the Superadobe method for making my own house. Could you please let me know how to find out more about its use within Aotearoa NZ? I am based in Wellington but would happily travel to visit houses made of this material and to learn about the process.

    Makaira Waugh
    sweetcardamom at gmail.com

  5. Without firing, will these walls be prone to crack and/or decompose?

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