Weeeekend Supplements.

SHU-wee!! It's another round of weekend supplements where we throw a few entertaining (but oh-so-random and unrelated to alternative-building) bits your way to enhance the weekend experience. On the menu today we have a few tasty images to get you started, a groovy new disco track for dancing and appetite building, and then some AltShift Burritos (or the recipie at least- it's not like we can attach 'em to an e-mail for ya!) for the main course. Hope you're hungry!

First up (above) we have a couple of images from Wanaka based artist Pol Sifter who has some very clever and interesting work feel free to check out more of his work here

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(just trying to save space!)

To the right: A great use for old light bulbs and to the left a very sharp looking He-Man and Duncan. If you're looking to really throw some time in the trash in exchange for a good laugh check out this He-Man music video.

This track (downloadable thanks to the generous GMGN dj team) will definitely make you want to STOMP the floorboards (or whatever you may be standing on (hopefully not a glass table top or frozen pond)). Big thanks to Matty J Blige for the tip on this disco fireball!!

Now for the main event: AltShiftNZ BURRITOS

So, first and foremost you gotta make sure you ROUND UP some quality ingredients:

Beans: Ideally you soak and cook your own raw beans of your choosing (black/pinto)
mash'em up yourself but it's ok to grab a canned re-fried beans for a shortcut.

Veggies: Make sure to grab some onions, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, and plenty of
avocado. Also garlic is the secret ingredient here so have at least 4 cloves.

Rice: We usually cook up some rice with peppers and salt in it to spice it up a bit, but at times if were feeling like some extra nutrients will substitute Quinoa for the rice-
very good.

Cheese: Hi-grade block for grating or (pre-grated)

Tortillas: Again, depending on time constraints we sometimes make our own crepe like
tortillas, but usually buy pre made ones. If you're feeling especially industrious,
check out our Weeeekend supplements Crepe edition for a refresher on crepes.


Start by dicing up all the veggies (minus the avocado and garlic) into bite sized pieces and sauté them in a large pan with oil (we recommend coconut oil as it adds an awesome taste).

Throw the rice or quinoa on another burner (water ratio for rice = 2 water to 1 rice and for quinoa = 1.75 water to 1 quinoa).

Grab a pot for the beans and once the veggies are adequately sautéed throw them in with the beans and heat on low. At this point get the garlic magic working and (preferably with a garlic press) add 4-6 cloves of garlic to the beans.

Once the rice or quinoa is done get your tortilla / crepe ready and lay down a strip of bean mix and rice in the center. Slice the avocado up and put a few slices on the top of the strip along with some grated cheese. Wrap the tortilla up (we fold the ends closed width-wise and then wrap/tuck length wise).

Now here's were the extra AltShift love comes in: pan frying the burrito! To do this successfully place some grated cheese on the inside of the tortilla flap from the wrap/tuck which will act as a glue to keep your burrito sealed. Add a bit of oil to a pan (or better yet use a brush to apply oil to the burrito) and place the burrito flap-side down and cook on medium heat until golden brown (minute or two). Flip and repeat. There you have it!! Class A burrito action! If you have any questions on the process give us a holler in the comment section.


  1. Anonymous2/15/2012

    So inspired that you are all designing like you give a Damn, as well as eating beautiful ingredients and preparing these menus with love! Here is an easy method for 'pot of beans.' A lot easier to make than a green roof! Grab: 6 cups of pintobeans, remove any oddities and rinse with cold water. In a bowl with 7cm of water soak these lovelies for 4 - 24 hours. Next heat some olive oil in a saucepan, add 1 onion, cloves of garlic & a celery stalk. Cook veggies until soft. Drain beans, add to this pan, add cold water to cover beans by 3cm and bring to boil for 5 minutes. Simmer 20 min. to 3 hrs. Add 1 cup of hot water if fluid level drops. When beans are soften- add fun spices. ENJOY!!! (leftovers do best when stored in cooking liquid).

  2. SWEET!!! Great to see another method for legume prep. Thanks a lot for the additional cooking knowledge - keen to try this out, keen az a bean!!