Tuned Tuesday

Triple your pleasure triple your fun- that's the statement of a great hint, three songs - done.

* Top two are downloadable via Soundcloud.   "What It Is" (the second track by the aptly named group "The Undisputed Truth") has a lengthy build up (approx. 6 min.), but make sure to listen to the last 3 minutes at bare minimum so you don't miss out on a masterly groove.  And for all the ABBA fans, Scratchandsniff does a pretty classy mash-up of two all-time greats.
Stay Excellent.

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  1. Anonymous2/03/2012

    I especially love Rayko's "Personal Jesus." Can't help thinking that we all need to be a 'Jesus' for somebody else; certainly I'm not religious but 'inspiring' a fellow human or giving 'hope' to another being is a great plan!
    After watching the PCI film (fantastic way to spend 30 minutes), finding a "Personal Jesus" would be grand as we make our shift to downsizing and to absorbing the genuine happiness that comes from nature and freedom.