Tune Tuesday.

Boy do we have an absolute treasure of a track for you below. Originally prophesied by Tower of Power back in 1974, a French producer by the name of Funk Blaster has reworked it ever-so-slightly for one of the better downloadable tracks I've seen in some time. Unlike most songs, this track becomes more relevant every passing year. Please take a minute to listen to its wisdom.


  1. Anonymous2/12/2012

    so good to see all the progress over the last three months, good work AltShiftas! Also, thanks for all the cool links, they add so much context to what you are striving for. Even if it is just one project at a time, new precedents are being set and we may all incrementally advance!
    Keep the quest alive and the fires burning!
    P.S. when are the crops going on the green roof?-)

  2. Love the tune--1974! Wouldn't you think that they would have figured out we live on a closed system and done more about it by now...But you guys are:) And crops...then you'll be cooking with gas!

  3. 38 years is quite a stint of time to turn things around eh? Maybe the powers that be don't buy into the whole eco-LOGICAL side of things- shortsighted gains are a bit more appealing! If only EF Schumacher had become a world leader of sorts...or if everyone read his book "Small Is Beautiful", things might be a bit less crazy now. Keep on spreading the wisdom!

  4. Crops on the green roof look to be a possible late (spring) 2012 ordeal, just in time to start preparing for the big ALTSHIFT!! Thanks for the question and positive feedback!