2n 2sday

Used in the movie soundtrack for "Super Bad" this track is pretty bad az.  Please enjoy and feel free to download!!


  1. Couldn't agree more,once the light is shown and recognized(that can be the tough part)each of us is forever changed-that is the shift-Yes? On that note I made arraingments to get the PCI film for a "Feed Denver" event at the end of this month. They are a great organization involved with urban gardening efforts and the Slow Money movement. All concentric circles--point being, you dropped a pebble from way over there and... you just never know who you touch. Keep it up.

  2. Hopefully we'll upgrade from pebbles to boulders soon - start making some real waves!! Awesome to hear that you are organizing a screening for the the Inpower Festival with the Feed Denver crew - you'll have to let us know how it goes! Here's to the recognizing and spreading of the light!

  3. I will certainly let you know how things go. It was coincidental that when looking over the RCI site that Michael Shuman is on the board! On there they have a listing of his new book--well worth reading. He is the Director of Research for Cutting Edge Capital and has done much work with Slow Money. He did a study that focused on Boulder and the 'shift' of local food dollars spent on localy produced products into the local community chest. Very impressive numbers--Surfs Up!