Tune 2sday + and new content forecasting.

After working @ a break-neck pace over the past few weeks to button up the house for winter, the AltShiftNZ team is getting ready to take a bit of a breather.  Seeking warmer temps, greener pastures, and resetting visa and NZ visiting allotments, the Jennings are migrating back to the Northern hemisphere while the rest of the crew looks forward to a winter in Wanaka.  With the upcoming increase in free time, you readers can look forward to a lot of new posts and material coming to this site - get ready for a Time Lapse sequence of the build (from the foundations to current state) which just might cause a minor mind blow.  But for now here are a couple of audio treats.  The first is an old intermission jingle from sampled by Wu-Tang's GZA, and the second is a song called "La Pause" (not to be confused with the Peruvian capital), both songs relating to the upcoming interlude.  See you soon, and get excited for the time-lapse and a bunch of new pictures of the sealed home!!

P.S. / BONUS = If you're still not satiated  from these tunes head over here to see computer renderings of the Kings Drive project on Elite Design's website.  Big thanks and props to Glen Allen who did all of the technical draughting and put up with our (multiple) last second revisions.


  1. Safe Travels. The renderings were great-puts it all in perspective, Nice..

  2. Anonymous5/21/2011

    Can't wait to see the photos of the home now that it is closed in for the winter. Has the crew been able to go ride the Southern Alps yet?!