Coinciding with Good Friday, Earth Day was a great Friday down here in New Zealand as everyone had the day off and Amber Brovelli organized an educational and informative Earth Day event for the Wanaka community.  Along with movie screenings at the beloved Paradiso theater, there was a handful of local individuals and companies that set up stands to talk about various earth related topics such as composting, gardening, tree sponsoring, alternative/sustainable home construction, and a bangin' recycled drum circle.  The AltShiftNZ crew set up a 'desk' composed of 4 straw bales, brought a few examples of materials + visual aids, and staged a small demonstration on superadobe/earthbag construction.  Below are a few pictures from the day's event:

With film showings of the classic "Fern Gully" and a recent deforestation documentary entitled "The Burning Season", many people from the local community participated in the festivities.

Here the beautiful and talented AltShiftNZ (Tom, Diana, Trent, Diane, & Roarke), crew stood on the superadobe/earthbag arch that was created on site with un-stabilized (aka no cement) clay-earth.  People were stoked!  Great gratitude is owed to Nader Khalili and Cal Earth for creating and spreading the method of Superadobe.  We look forward to a community 'Open-house'/hands-on workday next weekend (April 30th), and wish you all (and most importantly, the Earth) a very happy and progressive Earthday!


  1. Who would think it would be so strong-very cool!Great to see the community so involved and the wisdom to bring the village in-WOW- So much better than the occasional cup of sugar...

  2. You are inspirational! Enjoy your open house. I look forward to the next post. Love & hugs!

  3. Well said with the cup of sugar Nancy! What a world it would be if people from a community got together more often to talk about and work on such worthwhile topics and projects. Thanks for reading and your thoughtful contributions!