ROOF Appears and New Swirls Begin

Life on the ecoBuild site is like a swirl of red wine in a glass . . . and now, the wolf is away from the front door. Roof energy has made a change from the open - the vulnerable - the exposed to the sheltered. Sitting within the growing abode today during light rains offered protection and comfort . . .just what the straw bales were waiting for.


  1. WOW! That was just about all she could say, WOW!

  2. Just Beautiful and well put! Can I ask if this is the future "green roof", what is the pitch and direction of exposure? I suppose that is three questions...

  3. Anonymous2/22/2011

    Thanks for the inquiries. The roof you see in the photo is a corrugated steel roof, typical in NZ housing construction. I know it could appear as decking for the green roof, however this is not part of the living section. The living green roof makes up about 35% of the overall roof system and can be seen as the "flat" areas in the framing images. The metal roof slopes almost due south, the shady side down here and the green roof areas are on the north and west sides for maximum solar exposure. We are still in the process of planning what vegetation will like this northern, sunny orientation.

  4. Hi Mrs. Jennings!
    This is Eliza Smith-Driggs, your old tutor student. Are you o.k? I heard there was a big 6.3 earthquake in New Zealand. I hope you are safe and well. And what a time to have an earthquake! Just when you guys are building your house. I also hope that it wasn't destroyed. But more importantly, I want you to know that we are all thinking about you, and we all hope you and your family are not hurt.
    Hope we will get to see you soon!
    Your friend,
    Eliza Smith-Driggs