Kick it!

The vibrant music at the site (boom box in top photo) was on by 8:50AM, and all of us were sure that the surrounding neighbors were enjoying the uplifting lyrics of "Can I Kick it!" by A tribe Called Quest.  While the AltShift crew may never reach Bruce Lee's level of spinning hook kicks (clocked at 60 mph), or the All Blacks (host nation of the 2011 Rugby World Cup!) precision kick passes on the Rugby pitch- the crew have been battling on at the site and getting kicked in the local Touch Rugby league. 
Check-out the last three photos and one will see- how the fine young men have been 'kicking it' and - the progress made over the last few days. Photo #3 is taken from what will be the heart of the kitchen, with views toward Treble Cone; and Photo #4 is a shot from the 'street entry' looking into the home, with those reclaimed beams supporting the green-growing roof section. In the upper left of picture #2, it is exciting to see the framed opening which will allow a quick-exit onto the high-grassy zone. Ohhh- the plans we all are creating in our minds for the leisure time spent on this upper living space - it's bound to provide a good escape, a place to 'kick it' back. Book your World Cup flights now and enjoy October 2011 from 97 Kings, Wanaka!

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