Listening to words spoken at the ecoBuild site, sets one onto a positive path. Yesterday inspiration came from: "at every step along the way things need to be- level, plumb and square." This is advice well taken whether it's building a home or reflecting on one's character. Our bottom left photo displays Brendon 'quite' plumb to the horizontal beam of the study. The top row of pictures display the sturdy rafters that will support the living green/garden roof- all level and square! Roarke continues after 5:15, to level the bags - quite pleased that the superadobe/earthbag team's rate of linear creation is ever increasing with experience - all these numbers hint at our level of energy and steadfastness. So please, be sure to follow the simple mantra of correct structural and self development: level; plumb; square- but not too square!! muah haha


  1. Thanks for the advice. Just finished a stretch video where I tried to be level, plumb and square. Will keep this in mind as I try to work this body during the winter cold (-33* on the mountain yesterday). Your progress is amazing. Bravo to all!

  2. Thanks for the continued support- we'll be thinking of your chattering teeth as the crew sweats away in the intense UV radiation of the South Island summer. Good luck with the self-leveling!