Tune Tuesday #5-History Repeating

Core strength and correct lifting form was brutally tested (and proven inadequate for some of the crew) in the shoveling of around 200ish wheel barrows worth of gravel and earth.  The work was quite grueling, but a necessary evil.  With the 'buckets' of material, we were back-filling a few large trenches that had a French drains (which will be covered in next week's detailed sum up) in the bottom.  At one point we had to move the large remainder of a massive pile of gravel (more like fist-sized rocks), and we all put a wager down on how many wheel barrows of it was left.  Keeping tally on the footing with a pencil (pictured below), Doug was dead on with his guess of 63 full barrows.  Burn out.  In slight relation (we gotta try to tie it in) to our repetitive filling and emptying of the ever useful wheel barrow (as well as the fact that we were covering a French drain which has been in use for over 200 years), Propellerheads' "History Repeating" seems to fit the bill.  Bonne ├ęcoute! 

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