Adventure in NZ is magnetic! On the 27th, two AltShift team players participated in the 75.4km mountain bike event that challenged about 300 riders at the headwaters of the Nevis River. Fording this river about 25 times and gutbusting up to Duffers Saddle, the highest 'public' road in NZ, Travis and Doug plunged down the final 8km. Finishing together with a time of 4 hours and 37 minutes, they proudly tied for 125th place with huge smiles cracking their mud-plastered faces. Spectacular landscape, narrow gorge sections, deep water crossings and songs that they sang - are now their new energy-threads.

With more mud to shape and absorb, both men are back on-site today, continuing with their earthbuilding projects.

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  1. Anonymous12/03/2010

    That's a gutbuster alright. well done!